2019 Call for PhD applicants

2019 PhD Programme

Sorbonne University has assigned a PhD programme to IUIS in order to promote research projects on new medical technologies. Research topics related to IUIS PHARE Programmes are encouraged:

  • BREATHE programme: supports research projects to help patients suffering from disabling respiratory diseases, but also supports any research on breathing restrictions and the methods to improve or replace them.
  • RISK programme: which aims to use information technology and learning algorithms based on artificial intelligence to assess the risk of a disease occurring. Methods and tools developed will be applied to diseases managed within the University Hospital’s risk managementPlatform 
  • AUTONOMY programme: supports research projects to study and develop technology and tools to increase the independence of people with physical, cognitive, sensory or motor disabilities, especially in their environment, be it at home or in the urban area.

We recommend that the PhD be jointly managed and supervised by two units involved in the IUIS . The main research unit must be affiliated with a Sorbonne University PhD School. Candidates must have been previously validated by the affiliated PhD School of the candidate’s research unit.