Who are we

Sorbonne University promotes innovation through Sorbonne University’s Institute of Technology for Health.

IUIS is a collaborative space bringing together the excellence of three Sorbonne University faculties: Science and Engineering, Medicine, and Arts and Humanities.

IUIS helps break down the barriers between:

  • its circle of researchers and lecturers
  • its circle of clinicians and caregivers

and to brings them closer to:

  • patients and citizens
  • industry and entrepreneurs

Through research and education, and by promoting entrepreneurship, IUIS stimulates and facilitates health innovation at a European and global level of cooperation.

The central challenge lies in improving both treatment and quality of life: the Institute aims to accelerate the transfer of basic research in order to deliver innovations for citizens and patients.

It has three main health programs:

  • The “Autonomy” Program; helping people to retain their independence
  • The “Risk” Program; better assessing the risk of developing a disease 
  • The “Breathe” Program; restoring functional respiratory capacity lost as a result of illness or disability
Programme phare

The Institute was created in June 2014 with support from the French government, and is managed by the National Agency for Research within the framework of the “Investissements d’Avenir” program.

Through Sorbonne University in the heart of Paris, it connects high level scientific research and education with the largest medical campus in Europe :

55,600 students , 6,300 teachers-researchers , 18,000 caregivers, 722 medical teachers  , 137 research units, 4,200 beds in “Pitié Salpetrière-Charles Foix”, “St Antoine”, “Trousseau”, “Rothschild”, “Tenon” and “Quinze-Vingt” hospitals.

Which take care of over 2 million patients a year

Dedicated to innovative healthcare approaches, IUIS relies on Sorbonne University’s influence offering ambition, excellence, knowledge and attractiveness.

IUIS : Researching, Teaching and Innovating for better care