eLab Paris

Next generation
of Entrepreneurs in Health

Entrepreneurship journey
across Europe :


You want to make a first step
in Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship ?

4 modules
= 4 steps

Each module can be followed separatly.

Selection criterias : entrepreunarial spirit, love of innovation, patient and citizen orientation, strong skills, avaibility.

Due to Covid-19 crisis and restrictions, all modules will potentially be done remotely.

July-September 2020

Online courses

Discover the context of Entrepreneurship in Healthcare.

1. From medical need to market need,
2. From Prototyping to the Clinical trial,
3. Business model; development strategy,
4. Market access & regulation… money time !
5. Team : a major factor of the project sustainability

Online courses can be followed at your own rythm from  July 24th to September 24th !

October 2020

Start-up Kick-Off
Hackathon in Naples

Collaboration with Kelyon to adress real Life Challenge, with experts


In collaboration with our partner

October 2020

Design Thinking
& Entrepreneurship courses

30 hours to learn Design Thinking, meet experts and entrepreneurs, define your project


November 2020

Final Workshop
in Paris

Improve and consolidate your project
Registration for selected best projects from steps 1, 2, and 3

eLab Paris is part
of EIT Health
eLab programme

Registration process

You fill in the form
for the first module (only)

A selection panel will evaluate your application according to your answers and the available seats

If you are selected, the program manager will contact you to start the journey !

Online courses/workshops are made in English.
Some courses made by local speakers may be in french or italian.


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